Planning conditions


Reports for the discharge of planning conditions

Working as part of your design or construction team, we deliver heritage inputs and report the results of heritage work to discharge conditions attached to planning permissions. We deliver:

  • WSI (Written Scheme of Investigation)
  • archaeological recording reports
  • historic building recording reports.

We can combine various assessments into one or a tier of reports, integrating results, to ensure the project is delivered in the most timely and cost-effective way.

Historic building conditions

We will negotiate on your behalf to agree the level of detail required to achieve planning requirements whilst ensuring that budgets are met. We will work with your chosen building contractor to ensure the assessment report is delivered in a cost-effective and timely manner. Survey reports may vary from basic inspection (Historic England Level 1) through to detailed recording (Historic England Level 4) of listed buildings, and may include measured surveys and condition surveys.

Archaeological conditions

We negotiate with local authorities, contractors and sub-contractors to agree the most effective methods appropriate for your project proposals. The methods most frequently used are:

  • monitoring boreholes and trial pits
  • walk-over and field-walking surveys
  • trial trench evaluation
  • strip, map and sample
  • excavation
  • physical preservation in situ
  • archaeo-environmental analysis.

During fieldwork we supervise the teams and attend monitoring visits by the local authority. The results are submitted to the planning authority for the discharge of conditions or to Historic England to satisfy legal consents, as required.