Supporting charities and local authorities

“Thanks for your help on this project. The Conservation Officer praises your report.”
Our expert knowledge and creative skills cut through complexity and deliver practical solutions for both private and institutional property owners.

Understanding your perspective: budget-savvy project delivery

We understand the immense pressure you face in delivering high-value projects to deliver public benefit within budget constraints, and for a partnership approach to heritage management and placemaking.

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How we can help: supporting your heritage and community goals

We understand the complex balance required to deliver impactful heritage projects with limited budgets and resources. Our collaborative approach incorporates your expertise and assists you with project completion to meet your expectations and through community engagement. With our technical knowledge, we regularly provide

  • Heritage assessments to support planning policies and sustainable development
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Our support and promise to deliver: budget realities guide our processes

Step 1 We balance competing priorities and limited resources while managing community expectations and timescales.

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Case studies of previous projects

Why choose us?

Our passion for heritage combined with project management excellence allows us to enhance preservation in a cost-sensitive manner.

Let us handle the details – freeing you to focus on big-picture goals

Past projects demonstrate our capabilities in delivering robust strategies, and facilitating community workshops, educational initiatives, and enhancement schemes.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do we unlock funding?

These are the following key funding opportunities available for charities collaborating with local communities to make heritage sites more accessible to the public:

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Do you know any examples of funded projects?

The following examples illustrate how local authorities can successfully manage heritage sites by fostering collaborative partnerships with local communities, empowering grassroots initiatives, and building the capacity of community organisations to take an active role in the conservation and regeneration of historic assets.

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How charities and local authorities can take a more holistic and strategic approach to making heritage sites more accessible and inclusive for the public?

The following 5 suggestions derive from parliamentary discussions in 2023. Read the original parliamentary report here.

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