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Heritage services for planning applications

Whatever the stage of your project, we offer timely and appropriate advice to ensure the successful completion of works. Using our technical expertise, we can provide you with advice and negotiate on your behalf to gain planning consent. We can explain project constraints to planning authority officers with the aim of finding mutually acceptable solutions.

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Heritage services for planning conditions

We negotiate on your behalf for the timely discharge of planning conditions.

Historic building assessment

We have a proven track record of producing a range of different types of assessments for different purposes, from a general settings assessment to a detailed building recording assessment. Should works be needed, we will work with your chosen contractor to ensure the assessment report is delivered in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Management of archaeological fieldwork

Through our understanding of the needs of engineers, landowners, utilities, developers and planning authorities, we manage small and large fieldwork projects efficiently.

Watching briefs

We can undertake watching briefs ourselves or obtain competitive quotes, whichever proves more cost-effective for you. Where other methods are more advisable we will negotiate the best deal on your behalf. This includes advising on appropriate alternative methods, budgets and timetabling of fieldwork and obtaining competitive costings.

Cost-effective field investigations

We negotiate with local authorities, contractors and sub-contractors to provide the most effective methods appropriate to your project proposals. During fieldwork we supervise the teams and attend monitoring visits by local authority officers. We provide a a report on the results and organise archiving to discharge planning conditions or to satisfy legal consents, as required.

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Managing heritage assets

For planning authorities

Cross-local authority and cross-county boundary planning requires a review of technical documents to ensure consistency and adherence to support sustainable development. With our proven track record of assessing planning policy documents, we can help you to achieve this.

For landowners

Heritage assets can be an attraction, a positive opportunity or a future risk, depending on long-term management. We provide heritage advice, assessing opportunities and mitigating risks, to assist you in managing heritage effectively.

For community heritage projects

Heritage projects are rewarding and cost-effective whether they are undertaken to enhance sustainable development or are community-driven. Increasing voluntary and community engagement raises awareness of your profile.

For everyone

We provide CPD for our clients and outreach activities for local communities and schools.

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