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Are you navigating heritage services for planning applications?

Ensure the successful completion of your work with timely and tailored advice. Our mission is to guide you through this process with expert, timely advice tailored to your unique project needs. Our technical expertise can guide you through the planning consent process, negotiating on your behalf to address project constraints and find mutually acceptable solutions.

Heritage assessments to unlock planning permission

Are you embarking on a renovation? For planning applications, we regularly provide the following types of assessments.

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Discharging planning conditions

Are you facing planning conditions related to heritage aspects? Let us negotiate on your behalf for the prompt discharge of these conditions. With our expertise, we will produce the correct type of assessment for your needs.

For prompt discharge of planning conditions, we regularly provide the following types of reports.

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Heritage asset management

Managing heritage assets can present opportunities or risks depending on long-term strategies. Receive expert heritage advice to assess opportunities and mitigate risks effectively. Let us guide you in managing heritage assets for long-term success.

To do so, we provide the following types of deliverables.

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Community engagement

Are you embarking on community-driven heritage projects? Discover the rewards and cost-effectiveness of enhancing sustainable development through community engagement. Increase awareness and engagement with your community through heritage projects.

Through our work, we have:

  • delivered local area walks with a focus on the surrounding built environment and its history
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Planning across boundaries

Are you engaged in cross-local authority and cross-county boundary planning? Ensure consistency and adherence to support sustainable development by reviewing technical documents with our assistance. Benefit from our experience when assessing planning policy documents to achieve alignment and sustainability goals.

How our fees work and how we calculate our fees

At Archway Heritage, we strive to be fully transparent about our fees so clients can plan their budgets from the start. Since no two projects are identical, we tailor our fee proposals based on factors like the project’s complexity, the heritage asset’s significance, and the scale of the proposed development.

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Our mission is to:

  • Unlock the potential of historic places for communities and businesses
  • Foster informed decision-making through rigorous research and analysis
  • Promote collaborative solutions that balance heritage with development
  • Navigate heritage complexities for a sustainable future


At Archway Heritage, we’re passionate about empowering projects with expert heritage solutions. For over 20 years, we’ve helped homeowners and industry leaders like developers, planning consultants, architects, and local authorities – including Historic England – to navigate the unique challenges of heritage.

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We help to maintain and preserve heritage assets, ensuring their enduring value. We advocate for sustainable building design that respects the past while innovating for the future.