Three-way partnership

Working together with Ultranyx and the Built Heritage Consultancy on the Reading Historic Area Assessment, we have demonstrated the benefits of collaborative working.

Archway Heritage project managed the delivery. Reading Civic Society support enabled a small number of volunteers to partake in some of the building surveying. Ultranyx developed a mobile app and web application for the collection of building-level data, which our volunteer surveyors described as ‘super easy’. The app allowed Archway Heritage to record the buildings and streets with speed. Our accurate collection of records included photographic information to generate a heritage geospatial database. Over 200 maps were created by Ultranyx as part of the geospatial analysis for the report. Collectively we analysed this data to produce our assessment.

During the next stage, Archway Heritage assessed the archaeology of the town and Reading Prison and delineated character areas within the town to enable more detailed assessment. Built Heritage Consultancy provided expertise in architectural history and planning policy recommendations and together with Archway Heritage led consultation process with the local Conservation Area Advisory Committee and the Reading UK BID team. Archway Heritage and Built Heritage Consultancy utilised Ultranyx’s work to assess the character of the town centre and forward recommendations for future actions, supported by the evidence we gathered.

We look forward to seeing the project progressing to the next stage.